Karate Information

Belts and Grading

Our Karate belt syllabus follows the EKKA syllabus for both juniors and adults

Junior & Adult Belts and Grading

During our children's and junior classes, there is a special emphasis on balancing our training with fun sessions taught using games. This helps our younger students stay focused and enjoy their time at Blackwell Academy while in a safe and friendly environment. Whether a Little Dragon, Junior or Adult student, all of our new members begin their Karate journey at white belt progressing through the belts at a pace that suits them.

Children's Karate Belt Order 

Grading takes place on the 1st Saturday of each month, you can find dates for grading on our Diary Dates page. Students that are deemed ready by their instructor may grade, this usually follows a student gaining three coloured tips on their belt during monthly tip tests. There is usually a minimum of 3 months between gradings to ensure students are ready, and as they progress through the belts, the time between gradings is longer.  If you are unsure whether you or you child is ready to grade please check with your instructor.

Karate Belt Order (continued) - Junior & Adult