Martial Arts Classes in East Bergholt

Following the success of our Woodbridge Club we now offer martial arts and self defence training in East Bergholt on Sunday morning and Tuesday evening.  
we'll be teaching Kickboxing classes. Although we do offer times to spar with each other, our kickboxing classes are very much about technique and fitness rather than preparing for the ring!    
                                    6.00pm we'll be teaching the Israeli based military self defence system. This has been very popular with men, women and juniors at all of our clubs and can offer skills that can boast self confidence and fitness.   
6:50pm we'll be teaching Family Karate. Aimed at students 5 years plus this is slightly more advanced and is designed to equip all of our students with the necessary skills and confidence to push themselves to excel in their passion. 

9.30am to 10am 
Karate                                                                                                            White belt to White belt stripe.  
9.30am to 10.30am
Karate                                                                                                      Family Karate 6 years +                                                                                                              10.30am to  11.20am Family Kickboxing                                                                        10.30am to 11.20am Krav Maga Self Defence                                                            I
f you are interested to learn more about our classes or would like to come along and try for yourself then please email us or call us to arrange.    And don't worry, you don't have to have any previous experience, our team of coaches are very friendly and used to working with both complete novices and more experienced martial artists.

For full times of all of our classes and venues please see our venues page.  All Times and Venues