Martial Arts Classes in Woodbridge

Our Woodbridge Club began life in 2016 and is run and managed by Peter Owen and of course in partnership with Mick Blackwell. Peter is very involved in day to day activities and hold black belts in both Krav Maga and Kickboxing. To read more about his achievements check out his biography on our instructors page.
Woodbridge runs regular weekly classes in Karate, popular with our juniors, many of which now compete at local, regional and national competitions. Our Krav Maga classes affiliated with the UK Self Defence Krav Maga Association, are some of our most popular with men, women and juniors.  The self defence system originally created in Israel  can be physically demanding and so is great for fitness. Finally our Kickboxing classes are very much about technique and fitness rather than preparing you for the ring, however Saturdays are normally spent  sparring so if you are looking to get the gloves on, gum shield in and throw some jabs and kicks then you have the opportunity to do that to. To find out more about our Woodbridge venues and times, see our main Times and Venues page.